Automated Pile Cutting: How to Get Better Results With Motocut [Interview]

Posted by Kirin Hoyano on Jun 24, 2019 11:01:40 AM
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Interested in improving pile cutting safety and efficiency?

Then it’s time to move away from manual pile cutting, and consider adopting an automated solution.

anssi-janssonIn this article, we’ll share a recent conversation we had with Anssi Jansson, President and CEO at Motocut Oy.

Motocut is an automated pile cutting machine that cuts concrete piles, steel piles, and pipes quickly and safely.

Anssi discussed the challenges his company is seeing in the industry, and shared how the Motocut pile cutter is key in addressing them.

Q&A With Anssi Jansson of Motocut Oy

What are some key trends you're seeing in the drilling and pile cutting industry?

What we hear from customers is that today, safety issues are the highest priority, hands down. Beyond that, when it comes to capital investment equipment—like Motocut— we’re seeing more demand for rental units.

Because of that, we're currently working with Traxxon Foundation Equipment on a special deal that would help them meet this demand by entering the rental market.

What are some of the main challenges operators are facing on site?

I would say the main challenges are associated with using traditional manual pile cutting methods. On sites who use this method, operators often have to wait for up to a week for the cutter to arrive.

On the other hand, those who use Motocut can keep it right on site, so they can accelerate their schedules and avoid downtime.

pile-cutterThe other thing is, if you're using a manual saw, or any other technologies besides Motcut, then the cutting quality is much lower.

With Motocut, the cutting quality is very high, and the result is always more predictable compared to other technologies. So there's less rework needed.

What are some other advantages of the Motocut pile cutter?

Again I have to stress the safety issue. Safety is definitely the main advantage of Motocut, because there's just one machine and one driver.


Motocut is attached to an excavator, so it's operated from a safe distance in an isolated climate controlled cabin. So you have no risks from falling piles, no dust issues, and no hand and arm vibration issues that you’ll see with manual pile cutters.

We already touched on the accelerated construction schedules thanks to not having to wait for a manual cutter, and not having to rework poorly-cut piles. And then there's the predictable cutting result, and ultimately, higher productivity.

How long does it take for companies to see ROI on the purchase cost of Motocut?

This depends on the cost per pile, and the location of the project. What I've heard from clients in North America is the payback time is actually within the first project, if they're cutting more than a thousand piles.


In North America, we often see projects where thousands, even tens of thousands of piles are cut per year. So if you look at the ROI in terms of percentage, it's several hundred percent in the first year.

Can you give us a brief overview of how Motocut works?

Motocut is an automated pile cutting method. When it's attached to an excavator, the driver simply moves the Motocut against the pile, and then closes the graples.

The sensor senses that the pile is attached, and then the driver can just press start, wait until the pile is cut and then lift it wherever they want. So it's very simple to use.

Our goal was to make it as easy as possible to use, so it can really meet the needs of our customers.

The video below demonstrates the Motocut in action, cutting a steel pile.


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