3 Drilling Parts That Excel in Tough Drilling Conditions

Posted by Kirin Hoyano on May 23, 2019 4:22:53 PM
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Looking to protect your drilling equipment from excessive wear in tough conditions?

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why it’s so important to choose high-quality wear solutions, and share three products that will help you better protect your equipment.

Let’s get started.

Why quality matters when it comes to protecting your drilling equipment

When you’re drilling in softer soil, you may be able to get away with lower-quality steel in your cutter drill bits, scraper blades or studs. The wear will be gradual.

But when you hit hard ground or abrasive gritty soil, the difference will be obvious.

Edges will grow dull very quickly. Your crews have to stop work to replace worn parts. If it happens often enough, the job —and maybe your deadlines—will be affected.

Suddenly those cheaper parts will be costing you money.

On the other hand, BETEK’s high quality wear solutions are incredibly robust and long-lasting. They can stand up to challenging drilling conditions, and directly contribute to improved efficiency and lower operating costs.

(To learn more about cost savings, read: 5 Ways to Reduce Foundation Drilling Costs on Your Job Site.)

Let’s take a closer look at three categories of BETEK products:

1. BETEK TungStuds: harder wearing, longer lasting wear studs for extended drilling


TungStuds are super-tough drill studs with a core of BETEK tungsten carbide. They’re incredibly robust and resistant to wear. They last longer than any other stud, reducing your maintenance costs.

TungStuds can be welded on at the job site, overhead, vertically, or horizontally. They are applied fairly quickly, compared to traditional welding techniques. Anyone can be trained to apply TungStuds—there’s no need for a certified welder.

Here’s a quick overview of welding positions:


There are several different sizes and profiles of TungStuds suitable for all kinds of ground engaging equipment.

2. BETEK round shank cutter bits and scraper blades for high-productivity horizontal drilling


BETEK’s line of round shank cutter bits and scraper blades are high quality, durable carbide tools for horizontal drilling.

They last far longer than cheaper cutter bits, and are designed for quick charge-over—which ultimately means greater efficiency and more drilling per day.

(To check out three of our favourite high-performing drills, read: 3 KLEMM Drill Rigs You Need for Better Performance and Safety.)

They’re available in a variety of shaft systems, head geometries, carbide forms, and holder systems—so they’re compatible with many different systems. Similarly, their scraper blades are available in a wide selection of cutting geometries.

3. BETEK foundation drilling tool systems for high productivity and long life


For foundation drilling, BETEK’s tool systems increase your daily output with superior durability and short change-over times.

Their round shank cutter bits are available in shank diameters from 11mm to 38/30 mm. The complete product line includes:

  • Round shank bit + holder
  • Weld-on teeth
  • Welding bars
  • Quick change bar & holders
  • Dragon Teeth & Holders
  • Pilot bit & holders
  • Flat teeth & holders
  • Screw connections

Summing Up

When you’re dealing with harder ground, look for high quality tools, such as BETEK carbide tools. They last longer, so you can operate your equipment with less downtime.

By taking the brunt of the wear, they extend the service life of your costly drilling equipment and help reduce the maintenance your equipment will need, which ultimately lowers your total costs.

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