3 KLEMM Drill Rigs You Need For Better Performance & Safety

Posted by Kirin Hoyano on Mar 5, 2019 11:45:13 AM
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If you’re looking for ways to drill faster, keep workers safer, and work better in tight spaces, then these are the drills for you.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at:

  • KLEMM KR807-7G (with carousel revolver)

  • KLEMM KR806-3G (multipurpose with safety features)

  • KLEMM KR704-2E (compact power with electric motors)

Why choose a KLEMM drill?

All drills in KLEMM’s 700 and 800 series are equipped with the Energy Efficient Power (EEP) system. This innovative feature reduces fuel costs and noise emission levels.

(To learn more about reducing costs, see: 5 Ways to Reduce Foundation Drilling Costs on Your Job Site.)

All 700 and 800 series drills also feature remote controlled operation. This allows full operator control at a safe distance from the drill while moving it into position and while drilling.

The Right Tool for the Job: 3 KLEMM Drill Rigs to Boost Performance

Drill Rig #1: KLEMM KR807-7G


For drilling jobs, the KLEMM KR807-7G features a carousel revolver, which can handle up to 1800 kgs of drill tooling up to 3m long.

On the worksite, this is a big deal. Without this feature, workers have to manually handle tooling, increasing potential safety risks.

Two key problems with this approach are:

  1. Humans can only lift so much weight, especially repetitively throughout the day.

  2. WorkSafeBC now has strict regulations on how much people can lift (not a bad thing, as tired workers make mistakes, and might even get hurt.)

Machines can lift heavier pieces of steel, faster and more safely than humans.

The KLEMM KR807-7G can handle heavy steel drill rods all day long, so drilling proceeds much faster. Particularly when drilling cased holes, this rig is far more productive than rigs without rod handling capabilities.

Another key feature of this rod handler is that it can handle 3-metre tooling. This can make a huge difference in drilling time per hole. More rod in the ground means your crew spends less time changing, checking and engaging rods and casings.

The result? More production, and potentially a more profitable job.

Learn more about the KR807-7G in this product brochure.

Drill Rig #2: KLEMM 806-3G - multipurpose rig loaded with safety features


The multipurpose 806-3G is the choice for adaptability and safety. It’s incredibly robust, and its nimble kinematics allow it to manoeuver in tight spaces where other drills can’t.

Its advanced Can Bus system does everything from fuel management, to in-depth diagnostics. The drill’s power sharing system maximizes drill performance, including power, speed, operator/user experience.

Additionally, this drill features advanced operating modes which greatly enhance safety. These include:

  • lower operating decibels

  • safety of hydraulic systems over air systems

  • remote operation, and

  • drill guarding systems.

Learn more about the 806-3G in this product brochure.

Drill Rig #3: KLEMM KR704-2E: a compact, powerful micropile rig


The newest addition to the KLEMM drill family, the KR704-2E is a compact and powerful micropile drill rig. It’s ideal for specialty limited access drilling operations, like low headroom micropiles and underpinning existing foundations inside buildings.

Its size and power allow operators to perform challenging foundation engineering tasks—even in the smallest spaces.

Like the 806-3G, the KR704-2E is equipped with advanced safety features like remote operation, a variety of drilling modes to reduce speed and power when safety systems aren’t engaged, quiet operation, precise proportional electric controls.

And it’s powered by on-board electric motors, which means there’s no need for a separate power pack. Instead of several hydraulic hoses running along the ground, there’s now only a single electrical cord, which minimizes tripping hazards.

Electric operations also mean the drill can be operated in interior spaces, something that isn’t possible with diesel-powered drills. It can be plugged into wall power at a jobsite when an outlet is available.

Learn more about the KR704-2E in this product brochure.


Every site operator wants to improve productivity, and make sure workers go home safe at the end of the day. These three KLEMM drills have your back when it comes to a higher-performing, safer job site.

Here’s a quick recap:

The KLEMM KR807-7G is a powerful anchor drill rig with carousel revolver.

The KLEMM KR806-3G is multipurpose rig loaded with advanced safety features.

The KLEMM KR704-2E is a compact drill rig, perfect for working in tight spaces.

Choose the right drill for the job, and your company, workers, and bottom line will all benefit.

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