How to Make Pile Cutting Faster and Safer With MotoCut

Posted by Kirin Hoyano on Mar 21, 2019 11:00:00 AM
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What if we told you about a product that can make pile cutting safer and faster? So much faster that it can boost productivity and your bottom line?

In this blog, we want to introduce you to the MotoCut Pile Cutter. If you cut concrete or steel piles, you need to know about it.


What Is the MotoCut Pile Cutter?

MotoCut is an advanced pile cutting machine that cuts concrete and tubular steel piles and pipes.

How does it work?

The MotoCut Pile Cutter is attached to an excavator. The operator controls it from inside the excavator’s cabin.

From the safety of the cabin, they can manoeuver the MotoCut’s blade through the concrete or steel for a precise, clean cut. No one has to engage in cumbersome or dangerous manual work near the piling itself.

Depending on the model, MotoCut’s precision cutting comes from:

  • a pair of high-speed diamond blades or

  • advanced plasma cutters.

Why is MotoCut better than manual pile cutting procedures?

MotoCut reduces the risk of serious accidents

pile-cutting-machine With a MotoCut, the pile cutting procedure is far safer, because:

  • no one has to do any manual cutting, and
  • no one is physically near the pilings as the cut proceeds.

There are none of the risks of concrete cutting, and no danger from the cut concrete or steel. As a result, your risk of having serious accidents will go down.

(For more ways to improve worker safety, see 3 KLEMM Drills You Need for Better Performance and Safety.)

In the video below, one MotoCut user shares the specific safety benefits his company has gained using the product: 


MotoCut is up to 5 times faster

MotoCut reports that workers complete the job 5 times faster than cutting piles manually.

Additionally, at one oil industry construction site, workers using a MotoCut cut 30-50 precast concrete piles a day. The workers reported that manually, they could only cut two piles per day.

In this case, MotoCut helped increase productivity by at least 1,400%! It also led to a far lower cutting cost per pile.

MotoCut’s clean cuts save money on the job site

With steel piles, the MotoCut’s cuts are so clean they can be spliced easily, without any rework. The time (and money) savings are significant.

(For more cost-savings ideas, see 5 Ways to Reduce Foundation Drilling Costs on Your Job Site.)

MotoCut performs in heat, cold, wind and rain

MotoCut excels in extreme weather conditions. It allows operators to remain in the cab, out of the weather, and away from the pile. So they can keep cutting—and stay on schedule—in a range of weather conditions.


Here’s an example:

At the same oil industry construction site mentioned earlier, temperatures ranged from a hot 40°C to a frigid -40°C, depending on the season. Workers were able to use their MotoCut for pile cutting year-round.

In hot weather, operators mounted a water tank on the excavator to cool the blade and suppress dust. In cold weather, they used an advanced heating system to keep the water from freezing.

No matter the season, the site remained productive and the job remained profitable.


MotoCut is proven to boost site productivity, while protecting workers from the dangers of manual pile cutting. You can use it in nearly all weather conditions, which means your projects will keep going, no matter the time of year.

Here at Traxxon, we’re the only MotoCut representative in Canada. If you’re ready to talk about optimizing your pile cutting procedures, reach out to us.

Take your pile cutting to the next level with MotoCut. The upshot? You’ll increase both worker satisfaction and company profits.

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